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Our Italian Property Search, Continued

In our last post we introduced you to a couple of very pretty Tuscan homes that featured sea views, both close to a village but not situated directly in one. Perhaps you'd prefer something like a simple apartment in the center of a village, providing easy access to shops and restaurants, with a possible rental income? You may be interested in this cozy and charming apartment that features a master bedroom with an ensuite and an additional guest bathroom that would offer ample opportunity for such a scenario. Because it's newly renovated and in an excellent location, it can be used for a holiday home and rental, allowing for income on your investment. It's located in Magliano in Toscano, it's in the heart of Tuscany's Maremma part of Tuscany. The village is surrounded by ancient medieval walls and is surrounded by live groves and vineyards making it a perfect spot for fun and respite.

In the same vein is this stone charmer with beams in the ceilings, also in Magliano in Toscano. It's on the "cozier" side but has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and has everything anyone would need for a holiday let. You could enjoy your own home base in a medieval Tuscan town and enjoy the income that comes with a desirable in-town apartment.

It's possible you are looking at these homes and thinking, well, sure that's cute but I want space! And a piece of history! And outdoor space!! We got you. What about this stunner in Magliano in Toscana that features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garden, and exposed stone that was built in 1400? It's part of the medieval city walls and offers Tuscan magic in abundance. The possibilities of long stays, permanent stays, or holiday lets are ample because who wouldn't want to stay here?

This is of course a small sampling of properties and prices for a home or apartment with the convenience and amenities of living in a village. What we are not showing you are properties that are not in need of renovations; those will end up costing a buyer more in the long run. On

our May Home Buying Tour we will be visiting properties like these and many more. Working with our Italian real estate attorneys, Claudia Bortolani and Eleonora Cerin, and the excellent relocation team at Hexedus, we've created a supportive and informative experience for potential buyers in the Italian market in which they can avoid pitfalls or financial disasters.

We are not making any commissions on any sales nor are we selling any time shares. The time that buyers will get to spend with our team while searching for properties is included in the trip fee and there is no obligation to purchase anything in any way. We all enjoy doing what we do and we want to share our collective knowledge with others.

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