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Responsible Tourism 

Kitchen Table Travel is dedicated to responsible travel and being a responsible tour operator. What does that mean? It means that we try to be aware of our surroundings and how our presence affects those surroundings. As tourists, we want to leave positive impressions, economically and culturally among the communities we visit, as well as environmentally. We are committed to continuing our education and are regularly reviewing our processes so that we can keep growing and developing as a sustainable tour operator.

When designing our tours, we consider not only our carbon footprint but also our contributions to communities and how we can respect cultural traditions:

Farms in Italy
  • We travel in the off seasons so that we aren’t adding to the overcrowding and decline of a location.

  • Our tours are centered around rural areas that are less crowded and rich with history and culture. We work directly with small businesses within these communities to provide economic support and strengthen the job market. 

  • We respect cultures and we hire local experts so that we can engage the community we are touring. 

  • Our tour groups are small which allows us to choose smaller vans. We arrange our itineraries to minimize driving and we take public transportation wherever possible. 

  • Because our tours are food-focused, we eat as seasonally and as locally as possible. Supporting local culinary traditions is one of our main focuses.  

  • We believe in leaving no trace of us having been somewhere and in fact leaving it better than we found it. 

  • We ask guests to all bring their own reusable water bottles. 

  • We utilize the recycling offered by each region.

  • We don’t hand out schwag with our logo on it because it will most likely end up in the landfill. 


      We’ll update this list as we are able to expand our program!

Walking tour in Italy
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