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About Our Trips to Italy

Our tours are thoughtfully curated around the concept of slow travel. Our focus is on the experience of a place, learning about tradition and culture, food and wine, and meeting the people behind these delights.  

We have prearranged tours that you can join or we can create a customized itinerary for your groups of 5–8 people. The minimum age to join is 16 years. We'll accommodate mobility issues or concerns to the best of our ability. We are firm believers in alone time and down time so you will be given plenty of freedom to do as you please. 

See our Tours page for details and pricing. 

The Kitchen Table Travel Team

Visiting Rome. Nasone. Group tours to Italy

Georgette Nelson

Food Lady

Trained as a chef, I now work as a cheese and specialty buyer for a distribution company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of my time is spent thinking about food and what I'm going to eat next.  It's important to me to keep learning and to stay curious. I also love to try new flavors or cooking techniques, to read new cookbooks, and to learn about other people through their experience with food. It's amazing to me how one piece of knowledge opens more questions and answers as your library of knowledge builds. 


Italy is my favorite place to visit, especially to eat.  I think the food is incredible and the people so wonderful. I always make sure to include Rome in any trip because there are so many wonderful things to see and eat there. But I also tend to rent a car and drive through the country, stopping in villages along the way. Each place has a hidden history and rich culinary tradition and speaks to how people have lived there, the resources available to them, and the ideals they hold close. 

Sharing these things with others is key to keeping the traditions going. If we didn't learn and respect them, they may disappear into the larger commercial tourism machine. 

Tour operator in Italy

Cat Nelson
Avid Traveler

A lifelong beautician and travel guru, I have 30+ years in the skin care business. I owned my own salon for 15 years before I decided to leave and pursue my love of travel. This love began at age 16 with my first international trip to Australia. I instantly fell in love with learning and exploring every aspect of new cultures. I’m most drawn to Europe as my father was born on the Island of Malta and I grew up with the customs of Mediterranean culture. 
I’ve always found archeology and history extremely exciting. I love to read about the rich history of the places I visit and then follow it up with visits to the local historical sites and museums. This is why Italy is one of my favorite places to travel to. I learn and see something new every time and go and look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion of the culture with others.

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