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Our 2024 Italian Real Estate Tour is Live!

Happy New Year from Kitchen Table Travel! We've been busy working on a few exciting projects including our 2024 home buying tour. After taking into consideration the feedback we've been getting from our readers, we've decided to focus our attention on Tuscany, more specifically, the beautiful Maremma area of Toscana. This change offers buyers different investment opportunities and access to everything Tuscany has to offer, from picturesque medieval villages to famous wine regions!

The tour dates are May 22 to 28, 2024 and the price includes meals, accommodations, and access to our real estate attorneys who will be on hand to share their knowledge of the Italian real estate market to help buyers navigate the market and laws and to avoid potential pitfalls. The tour in no way obligates you to purchase anything nor do we make any commissions from sales. There are no timeshares involved. If you don't make a purchase on this tour, you've gained valuable knowledge, insight, and a deeper understanding of what's involved in purchasing property as a foreigner. This being a Kitchen Table Travel tour, we'll of course add in lots of fun exploring the area by visiting local wineries and learning about local foods.

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to purchase property in Italy. The time spent with our Italian real estate attorneys is included in the trip tour price and you'll have access to ask questions and get solid advice. We're also going be adding more local experts to the itinerary who'll be able to assist with relocation questions. Look for upcoming blog posts with these announcements!

If you book by February 14, 2024, you'll receive $500 off per couple. Upon signing up, we'll contact you with a questionnaire so we can better ascertain what kind of property you are looking for so we can be prepare with local agents suitable properties. We'll ask questions about a budget range, the type of property you are interested in (city vs country), transportation needs, etc.

Read the tour itinerary here, along with some questions and answers regarding the experience. Please contact us right away if you'd like to join the tour.

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