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What Kind of Property Can I Buy in Italy?

One of first questions people ask about buying a home in Italy is "What kind of property will my money buy in Italy?" Annoyingly enough, the answer is, well, it depends. Just like buying a home anywhere, there are factors that go into deciding what kind of property suits you best and determining how much you want to pay to guarantee the amenities you prefer. For example, do you prefer to be in an apartment in a village or a country home with land? Is it important for you to be close to a train station or an airport? Would you like to be walking distance to shops and transportation? Feeling ambitious about some remodeling? Do you want to be in a lesser known region or do you prefer the prestige of a name like Tuscany? Just like any property search, it's good to view as many properties as you can to determine what is most important to you and what is a deal-breaker.

A great example is this spacious Tuscan apartment by the sea being offered by Gamma Immobiliare. It's a spacious and beautiful property with a pool . It's close to schools and supermarkets and is simply a lovely home. It's well priced for all of these amenities. Although it's close to transportation, you would probably need a car to run errands and get around town.

Perhaps you've got your heart set on a classic farmhouse painted that earthy orange color that perfectly reflects the Tuscan sun. What if you can have that farmhouse and have it situated near amenities at the same time? Well you'd be looking at this beauty, also from Gamma Immobiliare. She's the kind of home that dreams are made of and you'll pay more to have the best of both worlds, a Tuscan farmhouse next to the sea and close to village life.

But really, did you SEE the views of the sea from the bathroom window?? For some, a view is high on the list of musts in a new home purchase.

These two properties will give you some ideas and inspiration. Of course, when we go on our May Home Buying Tour we will be visiting properties like these and many more. Working with our Italian real estate attorneys, Claudia Bortolani and Eleonora Cerin, and the excellent relocation team at Hexedus, we've created a supportive and informative experience for potential buyers in the Italian market in which they can avoid pitfalls or financial disasters.

We are not making any commissions on any sales nor are we selling any time shares. The time that buyers will get to spend with our team while searching for properties is included in the trip fee and there is no obligation to purchase anything in any way. We all enjoy doing what we do and we want to share our collective knowledge with others.

Remember to book by February 14th and receive $500 off per couple. We'll be posting some more real estate this week so keep an eye out for our next post.

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