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Autumn Wine Crush Tour and a New Member

Happy May, everybody!

We've had a busy Winter/Spring preparing for Real Estate Tours, our upcoming Autumn Wine Crush tour, and adding a new member to the Kitchen Table Travel family!

We have a few open spots on our Autumn Wine Crush Tour. If you'd like to join us, get in contact as soon as possible. From October 4-12 we'll be exploring the wines of Lazio, Tuscany, and Umbria, eating incredible foods and meeting wonderful people along the way. This is a small group, curated experience where you get to relax and we take care of the details. Flight prices are good right now so don't hesitate to get in on the fun!

Meet Margie

As for our new family member, we'd like to introduce you to Large Marge, Margie for short. Marge is a 2023 Piaggio Ape that we've had customized so now she is a small catering truck. Margie is available for event rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area where we aim to bring a bit of Italy to you! Marge is equipped with a small refrigerator and serving space that's perfect for cheese and charcuterie boards, desserts, tea, wedding cakes, guest books, and photo ops.

We were inspired by the many adorable Piaggio Ape we see on our Italian tour, where they're used as work trucks and agricultural vehicles. We love seeing them zip through the narrow streets of Italian villages and vendors selling fruits and vegetables from the back!

It hasn't been easiest process getting Marge license plates and insurance but we worked hard to make it happen and we're ready to show her off. If you'd like to learn more about renting Marge for your event in the San Francisco Bay Area, please get in touch and we can go over your needs to create the perfect experience for your needs.

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