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Event Rentals

Book our catering Piaggio ape for your next event! Available for private parties, weddings, corporate events, community events, charity events, fundraisers, and more!

This is our 2023 Piaggio Ape. We call her Large Marge, or Margie for short, and she is as cute as can be. She's available to hire to add fun and flair to events and parties in the San Francisco Bay Area! 


What is a Piaggio Ape?

It's a three-wheeled commercial vehicle, first produced after WWII in Italy by the same company that makes Vespas. Ape (ahh-pay) means bee in Italian! In Italy, they are work vehicles, used for hauling in villages with narrow roads or on farms. In Asia, they're used as a rickshaw. If you've been to either place, chances are you've seen one of these work vehicles buzzing around. Marge is lightweight and has a bit of torque to get up hills. Her top speed is about 35 MPH and she has handlebars with a clutch and gears instead of steering wheel. 


Marge's Capabilities

Marge is equipped with display space and a small refrigerator. She's perfect for serving foods like cheese, desserts, and beverages! She makes a great candy bar or tea trolley, but cheese boards are her favorite. She makes a great display for a cake or guest book and she looks great with flowers and twinkle lights. 



How do I rent Margie for my event? 

Marge loves parties. Contact us here to tell us a bit about your event and we can go over various options. Guests can rent Marge by herself or opt to include catering. Catering menus include a cheese board, dessert bar, candy bar, or tea trolley. Keep in mind that Marge is not equipped to serve hot food. 

What should I know about Margie? 

Keep in mind that she goes 35mph and some events will require us to rent a truck to tow her. Venues should have access for a truck and trailer.

Margie does not have a liquor license but she can be used to serve alcoholic beverages provided by the host. 

Can I drive Margie? 

Sorry, no. But she sure looks good in photos and you can certainly pose with her. 

Get in Touch

Email us or call us and tell us a bit more about your needs and we can work together to create the perfect package to make your event special.

PH: 415-964-0361

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