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Italian Real Estate Buying: Answers to your Questions plus Sicily October 2023 Updates

This is the second in a series of questions regarding home buying in Italy. The questions are sent in by readers like you and are answered by our two experts, Italian real estate attorneys Claudia Bortolani (who is also licensed in California!) and Eleonora Cerin.

"Do I need a home inspection before completing a purchase?"

That's a great question and here's what Claudia and Eleonora have to say:

In Italy, it is common for potential homebuyers to conduct inspections before finalizing a

purchase. However, the specific process and requirements may vary depending on individual

circumstances. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Surveyor/Architect Inspection: It is advisable to hire a qualified surveyor and/or architect to inspect the property thoroughly. They will assess the structural condition, potential defects, and any

necessary repairs or renovations. The surveyor/architect typically provides a detailed report outlining the property's state, highlighting any issues, and estimating potential costs for repairs or improvements.

2. Notary Public Involvement: The Italian notary does not investigate the property during an

acquisition. The primary role of the notary in Italy is to ensure the legality and validity of the

transaction, rather than conducting an in-depth investigation into the property. They bear no

responsibility in verifying the technical aspects (such as construction permits, compliance to the

laws, etc). Some notaries in certain regions of Italy mandatorily require the presentation by the

seller of a technical report, however, it is advisable also to have your own professional to check the


The short answer is yes, always protect yourself and your investment! Surrounding yourself with experts who have your best interest in mind will save missteps and regrets further on down the line.

Our home buying tour in May of 2024 is a great opportunity for buyers to spend extended time with such experts. We'll be accompanied by Claudia and Eleonora and real estate agents who'll be there to be your advocate. They are English-speaking Italian real estate attorneys who we've engaged to help us, and buyers like us, purchase a home in Italy. If you'd like to join us on the tour please let us know now so we can reserve a spot for you as space is limited. Read here to find out more about what a home buying tour encompasses, how it benefits a buyer like you. and if it's the right step for you in your decision making process.

If you have any questions for Claudia Bortolani and Eleonora

Cerin, please email

In other fun news, we still have 2 spots open on our October Sicily tour. If you would like to experience the incredible magic that the island of Sicily has to offer, let us know by August 16. At that time we will close bookings. Email us at

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