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Exciting Updates and a New Tour Announcement

Sicilian Markets
Autumn offerings at a market in Palermo

Kitchen Table Travel is back from our incredible culinary tour of Sicily. Nothing represents Sicily like its food which reflects thousands of years of history from multiple cultures that have occupied the island: French, Spanish, Norman, Arab, and Greek, mainly. We'll tell you more about what we ate and some of the fine people we met along the way in an upcoming post. For now, some updates and items of business to attend to!

Our May 2024 Real Estate Buying Tour is getting an update thanks to you for all of your great feedback! We will now be concentrating on Tuscany for our house hunting tour and will plan the Sabina tour for another time. We'll email and post an updated itinerary once it's ready. If you have interest in a Tuscan home buying tour, please get in touch because this trip will be for you and you can have some input in the early planning stages.

Also, we really want to highlight that Kitchen Table Travel is a tour operator, not a real estate company. We don't make any commissions off of anything you may or may not purchase. We are not proposing any time share situations. We just really get enjoyment from using our resources to help people!

In very good news, our 2024 Autumn Crush Tour has been posted! We're calling it the "Crush" because we are focusing more on wine. We're going to some excellent wine areas at the perfect time of year and it's a prime opportunity to taste and learn. The Crush itinerary includes cooking classes, foraging in nature, visits to wineries, a trip to a goat cheese farm, some history walks, and a visit to the Garden of Monsters. We already have several spots filled so if you would like to go, let us know as soon as possible so we can save a seat in the van for you.

This is the only regular guided tour we have open for next year. In the Spring we are busy doing a private tour in Spain and the home buying tour. As always, reach out if you are interested in a private tour or self-guided tour.

We'll write again soon to talk about Sicily and some other fun upcoming projects!

Ci Vediamo!

Cat and Georgette

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