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 Capalbio is a hidden gem nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Southern Tuscany, known
for its medieval charm and enchanting atmosphere. It is also known for its glamourous tourism and
sparkling cultural scene (art, movies, book festivals). It is ranked among the "Most Beautiful Villages in
Italy" together with Montemerano. As you stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets, you'll
be surrounded by ancient stone walls and well-preserved historic buildings that transport you back in
time. The town is perched on a hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding
countryside, vineyards, and olive groves, and a little farther away, the seaside. As you wander through
the town, you'll discover charming squares, inviting cafes, and local shops offering handmade crafts and
regional products. The atmosphere is relaxed, allowing you to soak in the authentic Italian lifestyle and
savor the local flavors.

Magliano in Toscana

 Magliano in Toscana may look like another medieval hill town, but its origins go
back to the ancient Etruscan city of “Heba” followed by the Romans. The town is almost entirely circled
by its protective walls that date back to the year 1097, with further additions by the Republic of Siena
in the 15th century. From the top of the surrounding walls, an easy walk will offer you a lovely view of
the surrounding rolling hills, rich of grapevines and olive trees, and farther away, of the seaside (which
is only 20 min away) and of the Giglio Island. There are churches and charm throughout the town, and
the joy of discovery is better than a list of sights, but most importantly for your tour, is that this little
ancient village is in the Morellino del Scansano wine zone, so a good bottle of red wine is served at
every meal around here. You will be surprised by the vivacity of this little town that - unlike many
others - still have its own local population living here and who never left, and thus also lots of kids!


 Montemerano is a small medieval village that will surprise you for its atmosphere and
charm that seems to permeate every street and every building. It has been recently included among
the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy". This is home to the noble and kind-faced locals who have been
here for generations. Surrounded by the Tuscany, countryside and protected by its walls, it has retained
its Medieval appearance with the beautiful church, the fortress, the streets paved and the
characteristic square castle surrounded by stone buildings, Piazza dell Castello, a place where times
seems to have stopped and one of the most romantic spots in the area. You will love walking through
the narrow streets, squares and picturesque views, onto which small balconies overflowing with


 Saturnia, a small town in in the Maremma, that stands on top of a hill overlooking the famous
thermal springs. Saturnia’s origins are extremely ancient: a Greek historian from 60 BC tells how this
area was inhabited by pre-classical populations of Greece! Later came the Etruscans followed by the
Romans. Here, you will find Saturnia® Thermal Complex, one of the most renowned in the world for the
beauty of its location and the extraordinary properties of its waters that emerge from a volcanic crater
that releases sulfuric water known its extraordinary beneficial and healing properties gushing from the
natural spring of Saturnia at a temperature of 37.5°C. The water from the thermal spring of Saturnia
undergoes a journey through the depths of Mount Amiata for over 40 years. The flow of thermal water
is such that allows for a complete turnover of the thermal park's pools every 4 hours, six times a day.
This process ensures that the pools remain pure and uncontaminated. Terme di Saturnia Natural
Destination® is ranked as the best thermal center in the world according to a list compiled by CNN.
Terme di Saturnia Natural SPA & Golf Resort is listed by Lonely Planet among the top ten thermal
springs in Europe, and Fodor's—the world's largest publisher of travel guides—recognizes it as one of
the best thermal spas, particularly for its beauty treatments.


Scansano benefits from its strategic positioning, situated atop a ridge near the farthest
north-western edges of the Albegna hills. The fortified medieval center offers panoramic views that
extend for miles, encompassing lush woods and productive Maremman farmland. During the 1800s,
the town's economic prosperity was fueled by sulphur and antimony mining. Presently, these hills have
gained renown for their wine production, particularly Morellino di Scansano, crafted from the
Sangiovese grape, akin to many of Tuscany's distinguished red wines. Scansano may not have the fame
of Siena, Pisa or San Gimignano, but its name is familiar to wine-lovers. Morellino di Scansano is dry,
robust DOCG red wine made with at least 85% Sangiovese grapes. It ages well, and costs significantly
less than Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino wines.

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