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Announcing Kitchen Table Travel Co.'s Spring 2023 Tours in Italy

We are planning two 2023 Spring trips in Italy. Our second trip has already sold out and there are only a few spots left on this this Easter adventure. Space is very limited so book now if you'd like to spend Easter in Rome!

April 7 to 15, 2023

The official Kitchen Table Travel tour starts on Friday, April 7 2023. Please arrive at least one day early to allow for any delays and jet lag so that you can be ready to go that Friday at 10am. We can help you book the hotel that we will be staying at in Rome to simplify things because that's where the tour starts, or you can stay at a hotel of your choice.

Day One

April 7, 2023 Friday


-We‘ll meet at the hotel at 10am. If you are staying elsewhere the night before, please arrive earlier to get checked in and to drop off your bags. We’ll be starting the day with a walking tour of Rome guided by Marta Rezzano, local sommelier and guide. There’ll be lots of history and culinary delights involved in this fun and lively Roman adventure.

-Full of food and knowledge, you’ll enjoy a bit of free time to wander around the eternal city before we meet up again for an Italian cheese and wine dinner led by a local Roman sommelier.

Included: Lodging, lunch and dinner, and above activities.

Day Two

April 8, 2023 Saturday


-This morning we’ll visit a traditional Roman indoor market where locals buy their produce, pantry items, meat, cheese, breads, and household goods. We’ll wander the maze of stalls and sample typical treats and learn about Italian foods.

-After, enjoy some free time to take in the sights and sounds of Rome before we meet again for a special tour that will showcase the traditional foods of Easter in Rome.

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and above activities.

Day Three

April 9, 2023 Sunday


-We’re working hard to get tickets to Easter Mass at the Vatican with Il Papa! If you are not Catholic, it’s still worth checking out such a once in a lifetime experience. Easter lunch will follow and then you will have the rest of the day to once again explore all that Rome has to offer during this festive season.

Included: Lodging, breakfast and lunch, and above activities.

Day Four

April 10, 2023 Monday


Today we hit the road and head to the countryside for the enchanting medieval village of Casperia where we’ll spend the next few days lodging in a 15th century palazzo. We’ll still be in the region of Lazio, which is famous for its olive oil. We’ll tour some olive groves and taste oils and learn about the history and production of this famous Italian export. A light lunch is included in the tour.

-We’ll have some time to explore Casperia before heading to Grano e Farina, a highly rated and professional level cooking school where we’ll have an incredible dinner prepared for us by the chefs in their own home.

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and above activities.

Day Five

April 11, 2023 Tuesday


It’s cooking class day with Grano e Farina. We’ll start the day with a visit to a local artisan flour mill. Learn about how and where heirloom grains are grown and how they can be produced to showcase their best qualities. You’ll take some of that flour and use it in your class to make pasta with Julia, a sfoglina, and Pino, a master chef. Pino and Julia are both very involved in the famed Pasta Grannies project and will be able to impart much wisdom from their experiences. We'll all enjoy the beautiful and delicious lunch that everyone has worked to prepare.

-After lunch, you may want to rest a bit before we head to a nearby local village to explore and dine.

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and above activities.

Day Six

April 12, 2023 Tuesday


Today we start with a hearty breakfast before heading off with Lucio, a local environmentalist, for a nature walk. Lucio is an expert in the natural formations, plants, and history of the area and his nature walks are fun and a decent workout! Because we work so hard on these walks we always follow up with a nice lunch with our guide.

-After bidding farewell to Lazio, we hit the road again and head to the charming ancient hilltop village of Orvieto in the Umbria region. We can check into our hotels and explore the town before meeting for dinner. Orvieto has much to offer including a network of underground caves and famed artwork in their stunning basilica. We’ll be providing you with an Orvieto Card which gives you entry to major attractions.

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and above activities.

Day Seven

April 13, 2023 Wednesday


After a leisurely morning we’re going to a nearby dairy farm to see how artisan goat cheese is made. We’ll learn the incredible process of the journey from goat to finished product and the skill involved in producing such incredible cheeses. Of course we’ll be tasting everything as well!

-After, we’ll get more free time in Orvieto before meeting up for dinner.

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and above activities.

Day Eight

April 14, 2023 Thursday


-Today we head to Madonna del Latte, an Umbrian organic winery famous for its rich, volcanic soil for a tour and an early wine tasting with cheese and charcuterie.

-Once we are full of local wines and cheese, we’ll go to Civita di Bagnoregio, an Etruscan hilltop town, accessible only by a pedestrian bridge,

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch, and above activities.

Day Nine

April 15, 2023 Friday


We bid farewell to Orvieto and on the way to Rome, we will stop at the famed Sacro Bosco in Bomarzo, a famed renaissance statuary garden known for its stone carved “monsters”. Wander the peaceful forest setting and take in the amazing art.

We’ll have a spot of lunch before driving back to Rome

-Tonight we have our farewell dinner!

Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and above activities.


-Airport transfers are not included.

-House wine is included at meals. All other wines and alcoholic beverages are not included.

-April 7, 8, and 9th include some free time in Rome. You can use that time to visit sights such as the Colosseum or museums. You must book tickets in advance for many of these activities. We can direct you to reputable websites for tickets.

-Some of the Rome activities may end up being scheduled differently or slightly changed to accommodate our vendor's schedules and to make the most out of Rome's Easter festivities.

Price - $4200 per person.

A $1000 deposit is required for booking.

Airfare and airport transfers are not included in this price.

Travel Insurance is required to join this trip.

Please see our Terms & Conditions.

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