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A Sicilian Breakfast

If you visit Sicily, you may be surprised to discover that breakfast is a very fun meal. In fact, it’s a bit like having ice cream for breakfast!

Granita and brioche for breakfast- a match made in heaven!

Granita, the Italian version of sorbet, is made with water, sugar and fruit juice, or other natural ingredients like almonds. It originates from Sicily; it's believed that the word "granita" comes from the Sicilian word for "powdered" (grana) because granita is basically crushed ice. It's served in a cup and comes in many flavors, like lemon and mango—and even chocolate! Granita can be made with any kind of fruit juice or vegetable juice. It's never quite fully frozen and the texture is close to ice cream. My personal favorite was almond made with local nuts.

Granita is very versatile with regard to toppings and other additions.

Granita is very versatile with regard to toppings and other additions. It can be topped with fresh fruit, nuts, or even chocolate shavings. If you want to use your granita as a base for ice cream or sorbet, simply place it in a container and freeze until solid—then blend it in your food processor until smooth. Just don’t forget to save some for tasting!

Brioche is a type of bread that's common in Italy.

Brioche is a type of bread that has been popular in Italy since the Middle Ages. It's often served with espresso, but it can also be served for breakfast or dessert.

Brioche can be served with your granita and you can dip your bread into the granita or spoon some directly on the bread and enjoy!

If you're looking to try something new, Sicily is the place to go. The food is incredible, and there are so many different types of food that it's hard not to find something that you'll love! And when the summer weather gets hot, there’s no better way to treat yourself then with a granita and brioche for breakfast.

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