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The typical dwellings in Sabina, Rieti, showcase the architectural charm and character of this
picturesque region. Here are some descriptions of the typical types of dwellings found in Sabina:








1. Stone Houses: Sabina is known for its traditional stone houses, which are a prevalent
architectural style in the region. These houses are often made of local stone and feature thick walls,

arched doorways, and wooden shutters. The use of stone not only provides durability and
insulation but also blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings.


2. Hilltop Villages: Sabina is dotted with enchanting hilltop villages, characterized by narrow
streets, winding alleys, and tightly clustered houses. These villages often have a medieval origin and
retain their historic charm. The dwellings in these villages range from small cottages to larger
townhouses, all nestled tightly together to optimize space on the hillsides.











3. Farmhouses: Sabina's rural landscape is dotted with traditional farmhouses, known as "casale" in
Italian. These farmhouses typically have a rustic and simple architectural style, with sturdy stone or
brick walls and terracotta tiled roofs. They often feature spacious interiors with multiple rooms,
ample storage space, and sometimes include agricultural spaces like barns or stables.







4. Country Estates: Sabina is also home to grand country estates, especially in the countryside and
rural areas. These estates, often referred to as :tenute" or "ville" and can range from expansive villas
with sprawling gardens to renovated farmhouses with extensive land. They are characterized by
elegant architectural features, manicured gardens, and stunning views of the surrounding


5. Modern Residences: Alongside the traditional dwellings, you will also find modern residences in
Sabina. These can include contemporary villas, apartments, and townhouses that cater to modern
living standards while blending harmoniously with the traditional architectural aesthetic of the

These dwellings in Sabina reflect the rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage of the
region. Whether it's the timeless stone houses in hilltop villages or the expansive country estates,
these dwellings offer a unique and charming living experience in the heart of Sabina.





















The cost of buying a house in Sabina, Rieti, can vary depending on several factors, including the location,
size, condition, and specific features of the property. It's important to note that property prices can
fluctuate over time, and it's advisable to consult with a trusted professional for the most accurate and up-
to-date information.

As of September 2021, the housing market in Sabina generally offered a range of options suitable for
various budgets. In rural areas and smaller villages, it is possible to find properties at relatively affordable
prices compared to more urbanized or touristy areas. Prices for smaller cottages or farmhouses in need of
renovation can start from around €50,000 or even lower, depending on the condition and location.
Renovation works are around €1,200 per square meter.

For larger properties, such as renovated farmhouses, villas, or country estates with more land and
amenities, prices can significantly vary, ranging from hundreds of thousands to several million euros,
depending on factors like size, location, quality, and additional features like swimming pools, gardens, or
panoramic views.

Traditional Italian Stone house
A classic Italian Hilltop Village
Italian Farmhouse
Villa in Italy
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